Ukraine: Kenya has snubbed us

Kenya has rejected Ukraine’s request to address parliament amid fears that Nairobi officials could be involved in a dispute that could damage its relations with Kyiv and Moscow.

The allegations surfaced on Monday with Kenyan diplomats in Nairobi claiming they were already doing enough through the UN Security Council.

Ukraine, which has defended its territory against the Russian invasion, requested to address a Kenyan dormitory in February when Moscow launched what it called a military operation there.

But a well-placed source said the request was not honored, and the Foreign Office remained silent despite repeated monitoring and reminders.

On Tuesday, a senior ministry official told The Nation there was no need to cancel the speech, adding that Kyiv should use existing diplomatic channels.
“Why would they want to address the Kenyan parliament, for example? Is there an example? asked one officer.

Ministry officials told revealed that Kenya had fulfilled its role as Africa’s representative in the UN Security Council and was careful not to appear biased in the war as his interest was “to see the end of the war”.

“We made decisions on principles that we took from an African position. We are there (in the United Nations) as African representatives,” the official added.
Ukraine’s demand, confirmed by many sources, reflects the influence that has continued since Russia invaded Ukraine to Nairobi to talk about the war it had previously accused.

The East African nation holds one of the 10 non-permanent seats in the UN Security Council and Ukraine and Russia see it as important in resolving issues related to the dispute over the shape of a horse shoe in New York.

While Nairobi has used its non-permanent seat in the Security Council either to condemn the invasion or to refrain from decisions of the General Assembly and the Council, it has not yet made two key demands for Kyiv: a high-level meeting involving Foreign Ministers, and speeches in Parliament .

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