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United Kingdom blacklist Kenya as the imported private jab gets banned.

The newly imported vaccine known as the Russian Covid-19 also known as Sputnik has been banned a few days after the deputy president Dr William, Ruto took the jab.

According to the health cabinet secretary , Kagwe, the government is not going to approve the dissemination of the Russian vaccine. The motive behind the vaccine not being not being approved is that is was not approved by the World Health Organization ,WHO. It is missing on the enlisted vaccines for covid-19 by WHO.

Mutahi quoted, “Vaccines being used in Kenya has been cleared by two institutions, WHO being the first one and Pharmacy and poisons board, being the second.” The CS added that the vaccine in case the vaccine has not been cleared by WHO, it is not eligible to be used in Kenya irrespective of whether or not is being used by other countries.

The government will be the only agent responsible for vaccination and any vaccination that goes for a fee will be a contravention of the Public Health Act and therefore it will be handled as an offence. He further said that there will be no issuing of licenses to private sector in the purchase or importation of vaccine. And incase of licenses issued, then it will be canceled with immediate effect.

Kagwe was warning people against this after adjourning a meeting with Officials of Nation Emergency Response Committee on Covid-19.

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