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UON: Sakaja is still a student, he has never graduated.

The controversy over Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s qualification qualifications has taken a new turn after controversy began to emerge over what MPs had said in the past about the institution he attended in high school. Mr Sakaja is running for governor of Nairobi.

The Universities Education Commission (CUE) told Sunday Nation that the senator presented a diploma from a Ugandan university for coordination, which he intended to use to secure a candidacy, after several documents were leaked.

The University of Nairobi (UoN), where the senator has repeatedly claimed to get a degree in real science, told Sunday Nation that the senator is still a student and has not completed the course.

UoN communications director John Orindi said he was accepted to the university through a second module program in 2003.

“It is true that Sakaja was admitted to the university and was studying for a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, he studied from first to fourth year, but he has not yet graduated,” Mr Orindi said.

“The university issued a statement in advance … and made it clear that the person concerned had not completed his studies.”

The university, in a letter of confirmation to the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) dated May 31 last year, said Mr Sakaja’s copies had not been completed.

“… they were not signed by the university,” Deputy Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor Julius Ogeng’o told DCI, which is conducting its own investigation.

Mr Sakaja, in several previous interviews with the media, said he studied Actuarial Science at the University of Nairobi from 2002 to 2007.

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