UON staffs loses their jobs after major restructuring.

Prof Ojiambo said the structure is based on teaching, research and innovation and the need to avoid duplication and reduce costs.

Hundreds of faculty and non-teaching staff at the University of Nairobi (UoN) are facing job losses following the closure of universities and universities.

UoN has a total of 4,000 employees – 1,500 teachers and 2,500 non-teachers.

Council President Professor Julia Ojiambo on Friday announced the termination of five Vice-Chancellor positions and replaced them with two VC Partners.

The council also abolished 24 colleges, reducing their numbers from 35 to 11, and reorganized all work around universities to prevent duplication of work.

In addition, Professor Ojiambo said that all the positions of Director and Deputy Director and their roles have been restructured in the new positions of Principals and Principals as part of the efforts to direct resources to the faculties where teaching and learning takes place.

“Deleted offices, merged jobs and new executive positions have been brought in line with the university’s main mandate,” he said.

The chairman of the board added that in the major reforms, 14 research institutes, including the Kavi Clinic Research Institute, Wangari Mathai Institute (WMI) and the Development Training Institute (IDS), will continue to provide information to the community.

Reduce costs
Prof Ojiambo said the structure is based on teaching, research and innovation, as well as the need to repeat responsibilities and reduce costs.

“To keep the boat afloat, administrative support services will be placed under a range of technical responsibilities by officials, all reporting to the operations supervisor who reports directly to the vice-chief,” he said.

VC Stephen Kiama said the new structure will ensure the effectiveness of the academic work.

“Most of the vacancies that have been canceled have been filled by agreement,” said Prof Kiama, noting that reforms at the university began in 2018.

To date, more than 100 jobs have lost their jobs because their contracts have not been restored.



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