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US offers a hand to India in fighting Covid-19.

With India at its worst in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus. The United States has offered to immediately send raw materials Covid 19 vaccines. Adding to that, medical equipment and protective gear to help India fight the high surge of infections.

President Joe Biden said on Sunday that India sent them assistance when Us needed it so it’s time for them to reciprocate the kindness.

” Just as India sent assistance to the United States as our hospitals were strained early in the pandemic , we are determined to help India in it’s time of need,” Biden tweeted after white house announced its list of measures.

Emily Horne, the national security spokesperson said that the US officials were working around the clock. Inorder to deploy the required equipment to India. This is to help the thousands of patients who were at surge of dying.

The United States will also send therapeutics, rapid diagnostic test kits and ventilators.

The United states was also looking for options to help India with Oxygen supplies.

At this hard times of high cases in India, The Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi has urged all it’s citizens to take vaccination and exercise caution .

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