Vatican Makes Tough stand on same sex marriage.

Catholic faithful opposed to same sex marriage can now breathe a sigh of relief after Vatican today made it’s stand known on the matter. This comes only months after the current pope declared that people in same sex should be shown love and embraced in the society.

The sentiment by the pope elicited mixed reactions with many catholic faithful and Christians at large opposing it. Majority claimed that this was against biblically teaching which advocates for marriage between a man and a woman and not people of the same sexuality.

This news come as a disappointment to the LGBT community who had for the longest period of time celebrated the move claiming that it was a major milestone in recognizing them in the society. Vatican said in a press statement; Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions since God cannot bless sin, meaning that the church will not recognize same sex marriage in their churches.

I think this is one of the firmest decision the Vatican’s have made?

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