Vera Sidika: I opt for a CS childbirth, I want to have my wig and make-up on.

Well-known social worker Vera Sidika has revealed her intention to choose Caesarea – a surgery designed without treatment to deliver her baby.

Opening her decision through her social media, the expectant mother said she only changed her mind about having children after discovering that there were other painless options for the trip as she was afraid to go through work.

“Ever since I thought about having children in my adult life, I told myself that I would do it if I didn’t have to have labor. So I’ve been a CS (set) team. I don’t want to feel an inch of pain at work. In fact, I even want to slay. Having my wig and ornaments on Flek when I give birth. Honestly, I can’t handle the pain. You keep saying CS takes a long time to heal, who told you I’m in a hurry to heal? Ordinary presentation? No, I will not do that for my birth canal. Think of the pain that was a curse from God. I can’t even think about it. What I do know is that if I give birth normally, I probably won’t want to have another baby, ”she wrote.

“I know that everyone’s labour pain is different, zero, average, some intense. But the fact is, you never know what your experience will be until that day. You will play naked and run like crazy. Not me! Something new I heard, your birth canal is crumbling. Like that! Then they sew you up later, ooh no! Let me stick with CS, I’m fine. Although it will take forever to recover, I am in no hurry. I am ready to live with the scar, the proof of the purest form of love, ”she added.

The founder of Veetox always advised her fans to dedicate their plans to God, revealing that she too has come out on top of her pregnancy and is happier with how everything is going.

“In life, it’s good to express your desires. Make plans and put your plans in God’s hands. Put them under prayer. That’s just the way I do. Even with my current situation. I planned and let God come in. 3 years later, things happened as if. as I told them, ”she said.

Vera concluded by warning women against despising those who have gone through CS, saying that all mothers love their children equally despite the birth process.

“Giving birth is no joke. Whether normal or CS, they are all dangerous. Some deaths also occur in normal births, others in the surgical part, so it is you and your God. You should stop trying to make CS look very bad and very dangerous. Life itself is dangerous. Crossing the road is dangerous, you could be hit by a car. Taking a plane is dangerous because there can be a plane crash. Even with a divine bath, you can slip and die.

“Whether it’s a normal birth or CS, a mother will always love her baby no matter what the birth process is. Being born with CS does not make the mother younger. Feeling intense pain at work did not make you a very strong mother, either. the same, the only difference is in the delivery times.


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