Vera Sidika treated to spontaneous birthday vacation by Brown Mauzo.

Vera shared a photo of the lovely beach view that she will be enjoying for a few days.

At the age of 32, Vera was taken on vacation to Penthouse House and the Indian Ocean.

On her social media, Vera shared photos of the beautiful beach views that she will enjoy for a few days.


The relative revealed further that Brown Mauzo prayed for her at midnight immediately after turning 32.

“My husband surprised me at might , immediately when my birthday started. He prayed for me a beautiful prayer. I am full of blessings and all good things. I am blessed to have him, secret jewels. I love you Brown Sales,” Vera Sidika shared.

The expectant mother is celebrating her 32-year-old birthday as she celebrates her baby.

“You have done well for the person I am with and for open doors in life. Thank God for keeping me long and seeing another birthday, With a little person in me. The greatest birthday gift of all time! You have done well for 32 years of greatness.” she participated.

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