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Victoria Rubadiri to join BBC .

Television journalist Victoria Rubadiri will be away from your TV screens for the next three months.

A Citizen TV presenter travels to London to rehearse with the BBC after winning the 2020 Komla Dumor Award.


“When we started this program I knew it would be hard because our own Victoria Rubadiri will be joining BBC … I will remember you, but we know you will go there to shine like a diamond,” Rubadiri shared – host Jeff Koinange said Sunday night.

“When it’s okay, London calls… I’ll miss you, Jeff,” Rubadiri added.

Rubadiri will begin a three-month training course at the BBC, where she will receive training at the BBC College.

She will then join the BBC News teams – on TV, radio and online – where she will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience on the BBC News platforms.

“I am excited about the prospect of learning new skills at the BBC so that I can connect with the local, regional and international audiences, regardless of the platform the story is being exposed” she said when she won the award in 2020.

She is the sixth person to win an award created in 2014 in honor of BBC World News presenter Komla Dumor, who died suddenly at the age of 41 in 2014.

Award winners in the list are Solomon Serwanjja, Waihiga Mwaura, Amina Yuguda, Didi Akinyelure and Nancy Kacungira.

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