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VIDEO: How Mirema businessman was killed in broad daylight

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CCTV footage has emerged stating how a businessman was strangled and shot six times near unidentified people in Mirema Street in Nairobi.

In a video seen by Sambazanews media, the victim – who was driving a small SUV, dubbed the Honda CRV, drove to his death trap where the attackers were waiting for him.

As he made his way toward the exit, a man in a medium-sized jacket walked toward the victim’s car before the sedan parked a few meters in front of him to block the exit.

As the victim approaches a well-dressed pedestrian, he (a pedestrian) pulls out a gun – a short form of pistol – and begins firing indiscriminately at close range.

Before using his weapon, the shooter pulled it out but hid it after a pedestrian passed in front of the victim’s car.

Knowing the danger surrounding him, the pedestrian begins to back away, bowing his head in the process. He managed to escape from the scene as the bomber fired four shots in a row.

After the first four shots, we see the car trying to move. The shooter then stops it and fires two more bullets, paralyzing the driver and stopping the car.

After that, he ran to the waiting sedan and jumped, leaving the victim dead.

The photos confirm the earlier statement of Kasarani OCPD. Peter Manzo, who confirmed to Sambazanews media that the incident took place on Monday afternoon.

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