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VIDEO: Pastor Kanyari casts out demons out of Actor Omosh

Pastor kanyari is a well known preacher in. kenya who has been in the Limelight for performing miracles and asking for an offering of 310( mbegu ya 310.)

Yesterday was another day for his miraculous wonders, where a video shared online of him casting out demons out of Actor Omosh.

In the video, the pastor is heard commanding demons out and declaring restoration of Omosh glory and name.

“Nakushika mateka, nakutabilia, rejea! Rejea!” Kanyari declares

Here is the link to the video:

Omosh is a well known actor who had a very major role in Tahidi high, but after exit from the media, Omosh was chained by alcohol.

Omosh came out to the public asking for help to build a house for his family asking to be helped with therapy to get out of alcoholism. But until now Omosh still gets his alcohol as usual.

The actor is yet to come out to the public and speak of the deliverance video

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