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Video : Raila and Karua act in a skit to woo kenyans to vote for Azimio in the August elections

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his running mate, Martha Karua, took part in a campaign rally for the Unity One Union Kenya campaign.

In the video released on Thursday, June 16, the two, who were sitting next to each other, received a letter from some Kenyans who wrote about issues they want to be addressed by the Declaration administration.

Raila then continues reading his letter and is interrupted by a follower who says that there are more letters to come.

here is the link to the video’:

“Yoh! baba, Wakenya wameongeza barua zingine. Wanasema wanataka password (Yoh! baba, Kenyans have added more letters, they want the password),” the supporter states.

The duo proceeds to receive the letters as they read in silence before making a promise in the over one-minute video.”Barua tumezisoma (We have read the letters),” Karua stated.

“Wakenya, tumesikia maoni yenu. Hii ndio password. Inawezekana (We heard your views. This is the password. It is possible),” Raila echoed.

The video is part of a strategy that the Resolution team is using to persuade voters to support the presidential election ahead of the August 9 election.

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