VIDEO: RashidAbdalla speechless after his kids surprised him live on air for his birthday

Citizen TV presenter Rashid Abdalla was speechless on Sunday April 17 after being shocked by his three children on the air.

The announcer was at the end of the report when the three children appeared on television singing their father’s birthday song.

The three were accompanied by fellow Citizen TV presenter Hassan Mugambi who also handed the cake to the journalist.

Abdalla, who was struggling to finish the show, seemed surprised by the progress and found himself holding his head in his hands. Clearly he had lost his words.

“Happy birthday. I’ve never been to this place,” one of the girls said.

here is the link to the video:

Abdalla and his wife Lulu Hassan, who is the co-host of the Kiswahili news weekend, are known for their emotional gestures towards special occasions, including past birthdays.

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