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Video: Uproar online as Taji is seen breastfeeding from his mom Milly at 3years.

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Taji the oldest child in WaJesus family and 3 years old has shocked Netizens.

In a video shared on TikTok, Taji Wajesus is seen asking his Mom Milly Wajesus to breastfed him like she does to her little sister whom they recently received.

Milly Wajesus is heard asking Taji is indeed he wants to be breastfed and without hesitation he instantly nods a yes.

“You want mom’s ‘Nyonyo’ (breast) like baby sister?” Milly asked Taji.

Milly then takes Taji into her arms and breastfeed him without a worry.

Kabi WaJesus, Father to Taji is heard asking Taji to stop the act but Taji gives him a deaf ear.

“Taji you’re a big boy, stop doing that. It’s bad.” Kabi warns Taji.

“Mhmh, No ” Taji instantly replies to his father without letting go of his mother’s breast.

This video has caused a debate online mothers relating to Milly’ situation, some saying it’s healthy and some saying it’s bad.

@ry_nancy11:thought am the only one in this dilemma ,mine even cry wen I feed baby sister eti no don’t feed her my nyonyo

@jackyandsilas:not good

@njoki_muturi:it’s very okay but for me kitu inaeza nizuia ni hizo meno kwa my nyonyo but hakuna shida kumnyonyesha

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