(VIDEO)Boda Boda rider with one foot inspires Kenyans online

One-legged bodaboda driver encouraged many Kenyans after his video spread on social media.

The video posted on the popular Facebook motorcycle group showed the motorcyclist on the streets of Nairobi near Moi Road.

From the first angle of the camera, you would not know that he had a physical disability, as he changed the direction of the bike randomly by lifting the front wheel.

here is the videohttps://youtu.be/YikJgLvE2GY

As he turned to his other side, the video showed that his other leg had been amputated above the knee.

“God is real,” you read the message on the front of his bike.

He talked to the woman, who offered to buy him a soda.

“Bring him a soda. Go and have a drink there,” the woman said.

He skillfully balanced the bike with his foot as he went for a drink of soda, leaving many Kenyans in awe.

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