Viral ‘Password’ guy speaks – reveals that he is a comedian.

Jack Omondi Oluoch has become nationally known after his password requests were circulated online during an ongoing selection in the Nyanza area.

The young supporter of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) gave an interview to the media describing an incident that attracted him to the internet.

Oluoch said he was confused during the ODM by-election in Homa Bay County after election officials delayed arrival when voters were ready at 6 p.m.

He further added that they had lined up for 3 hours when officers showed up for the voting exercise. When he arrived, one of the election officials informed the voters that they could not reach the numbers required to run the device.

“I am voting here and when I went to the polls I was already at 6am because I work in the Sun Sun industry, I had to get up very early and the election machines were 3 hours late.

“I was confused because they brought the equipment and left. Then the person who was supposed to deal with the voters kept telling us no password,” he added.

Oluoch said “Password” became his nickname and people began to recognize him. At first, he realized that he was worried he had said something offensive, which is why the people of Homa Bay Town wanted to take pictures with him.

He noted that if his viral moment could make him money, he would agree. The ODM supporter revealed that he was a comedian but never had a platform to show off his skills.

He said he wanted to showcase his talents and try to get into the industry as a comedian. Currently, Oluoch is teaming up with a friend who has pledged to support their film content and share it on social media.

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