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Viral Video of Dennis Ombachi Tossing Toddler into Swimming Pool Picked up by International Media

The viral video of previous rugby player Dennis Ombachi throwing his baby into a pool has drawn in the consideration of worldwide media.

Ombachi was moving in the country for pretty much the end of the week following the video where he threw his baby into the water after he moved on from water wellbeing classes.

“a month since we began water security classes and my child graduated today, formally water safe. Last class he will go in with 4 layers of apparel including two diapers, dramatically increasing his weight in water. Pleased father,” Ombachi composed.

The video was picked by The Shaderoom where he was lauded for what was named a steady employment. For example, a lot of individuals don’t have the foggiest idea how to swim even in adulthood thus preparing kids at an early age is excellent.

“Rugby player Dennis Ombachi shares that both of his little ones have formally figured out how to swim!” The Shaderoom subtitled.

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