Wafirethi, Papa Shirandula actress seriously ailing

Previous Papa Shirandula entertainer Hanita Njoki Mwaniki, prevalently known as Wafirethi, is engaging a clinical issue that is causing her restless evenings.

In a live online entertainment video, the entertainer uncovered that she was persevering such a lot of torment and furthermore required monetary help as she heads into the Kenyatta Public Emergency clinic today, Monday, September 12, 2022, for treatment.

As per Wafirethi, she is getting through serious torment around her areola and areola.

“I’m not resting a direct result of this aggravation. I should go for a test on Friday yet I didn’t in view of certain things. However, i have another arrangement.

If it’s not too much trouble, appeal to God for me folks. The manner in which I’m feeling just me and God knows. You all can’t be aware or feel this aggravation. I feel like a fire has been put to my chest since I believe that nothing should contact my bosom,” Wafirethi started.

A file image of Wafirethi and Jalango
A file image of Wafirethi and Jalango

She called for petitions and monetary help as she got kind words from those watching her live video recorded on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

“I’m hanging around for your help folks and may God favor you for me. Your requests will truly help me. I don’t actually have any idea what the issue is with me and what we can do.

I want to show you all this thing it is only that I can’t lift my garments here. I will see the value in anything contributed toward my treatment,” added Wafirethi.

She gave her cell phone number on her Tik Tok live video and requested that her fans share the video.

In a past YouTube interview with Kamuhunjia in 2021, Wafirethi uncovered that she was terminated from the long-running well known Resident Program without notice.

“I was procuring Sh 15,000 for every episode on Daddy Shirandula. I might have arranged myself ahead of time by setting aside up cash and starting a business. It has been extreme on the grounds that the landowner actually anticipates lease among different necessities,” Wafirethi described.

Since the employment cutback, she likewise needed to quit any pretense of supporting vagrants however things started looking into a piece when she handled an acting job in a vernacular show that proceeds to gradually assist her with recovering financially.

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