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Wajackoya Opens Up on Being a Priest

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On Sunday June 19, Roots party presidential candidate, Professor George Wajackoyah, revealed that he was an international religious priest.

Speaking during an interview with Tanzanian journalist Millard Ayo, Wajoyaoyah revealed that he is Hare Krishna, the archbishop of the faith, adding that he is the highest-ranking African in the religion.

“I am a high priest in Hare Krishna – where I am called a diocese. I have visited several temples around the world and I am highly respected, being the first African to hold that office,” he revealed.

To substantiate his claims, he took Ayo to his office where he showed him the Bhagavad-gita, which he explained as biblical. He further revealed that his exposure of religion and his life to the Indians contributed to his school of thought.

“We have our holy book – Bhagavad-gita which we use during punjar, our morning prayer. We apply tilak on our faces and wear necklaces around our necks.

“I am like a black Indian because the school of their ideology has formed the ideology in many matters in the world. That is why I am a salesman, not meat or fish, I am a pure vegetable”, he added.

Wajackoyah explained that he was introduced to the religion by his followers who took him off the street where he was a street vendor who fed garbage. He said he was forced to flee home when he was only 10 years old.

The Roots party candidate blamed himself for his parents’ separation, noting that some of his closest people considered him a bad child even before he was born.

“My parents separated because everyone thought I was a strange baby. My mother carried me in her womb for 10 and a half months, and everyone thought I was a giant.

“No one wanted me so I left West to Nairobi where I ended up on the street, feeding on garbage cans. Then I met some Hare Krishna Indians who took me in and welcomed me. Introduction to religion,” he added.

Wajackoyah made surprising claims that world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Samora Machel, Steve Jobs and The Beetles – a popular American band, had all changed their religion.

The presidential candidate, whose popularity has grown locally, has attracted Tanzanians who have been fascinated by his ideologies, including his approach to bringing the ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and the opposition Chadema to the workplace.

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