Wajackoyah appoints new deputy after fallout with Justina Wamae

Roots party led by Wajackoyah has selected Vinod Ramji as the Deputy Party Leader to replace Justina Wamae

This comes days after party pioneer George Wajackoyah and his running mate Justina Wamae dropped out on claims that she was distorting the party’s stand.

In a promotion, the party additionally named Naran Velji Arjan as CEO and Janet Akinyi Odhiambo as Deputy National Chairperson.

The party said the progressions follow a goal by the National Executive Committee in a gathering held at the party head office in Karen.

“We allude to the previously mentioned matter following a goal by Roots Party National Executive Committee in a gathering held at the party head office, we affirm the arrangement of new party authorities,” read piece of the record.

Wamae was on Friday brought by the party following her expressions.

A file image of Wajackoyah and Justina Wamae
A file image of Wajackoyah and Justina Wamae

Wajackoyah fallout with Justina Wamae

The gathering was to be a disciplinary procedure against Wamae whose relationship with Wajackoyah has developed sharp since the August 9 general races.

“That because of your ceaseless deception of the Party’s stand, the Party has experienced public derision and unsavoriness. It is in our insight that you have ceaselessly disassociated yourself with the party and its philosophies,” the call letter read.

Wamae showed up at the foundation joined by her outfitted watchmen and a few allies.

She requested to be allowed into the premises with something like six allies and within the sight of media cameras in the room however a stalemate resulted as the allies were not permitted.

Tending to the press, Wamae said she didn’t know about the plan of the disciplinary social affair.

“I have appeared as an honest resident,” she said.

“Have been called to show up before the party’s disciplinary panel. I’m yet to know my offenses. I have recently answered.”

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