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Wajackoyah fails to vote

Roots Party official up-and-comer Prof George Wajackoyah Tuesday morning neglected to cast a ballot after the decisions innovation units neglected to work at his surveying station.

Prof Wajackoyah had turned up at the Indangalasia Primary School at around a quarter past 10 am to projected his polling form, however authorities said the Kenya Integrated Elections Management Systems (Kiems) units had quit working, and had mentioned bearing from the central command.

“You would have begun from here. In any case, we are encountering a test. The issue is with the machine. There is no other viable option for us (presently). We have imparted to the central command, and they said they are coming. Assuming it is alright, citizens will be allowed their 11 hours from the time we start,” an Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) official told Prof Wajackoyah.

A file image of Prof Wajackoyah

The authority guaranteed Prof Wajackoyah that once the issue has been settled, he and different citizens in the surveying station will be permitted back to the station.

Prof Wajackoyah was hopeful that the issue will be settled quick.

“I don’t have any idea. For what reason is it not working? Furthermore, might you at any point examine our distinguishing proof archives and we vote? Be that as it may, relax. Things occur. However long we don’t go past today, we trust these issues are settled,” Prof Wajackoyah told the IEBC official.

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