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Wajackoyah: Pregnant women to be paid an allowance

Roots Party Presidential up-and-comer George Wajackoyah has shared his arrangements for ladies in the event that he secures the administration in the August surveys.

Wajackoyah featured difficulties that ladies go through during pregnancy and after labor, saying they should be dealt with.

“Ladies ought to be given freedoms to pick when they conceive an offspring since that is another work. They will be paid, any mother who gets pregnant… and there is logical proof to show that she is pregnant, we will begin paying her an allowance. She will end up being a state project right from the time she gets pregnant

A file image of George Wajackoyah

The roots party pioneer said a mother will be in capable hands right from origination to the time she conceives an offspring.

The cash, he said, will be produced from the Marijuana business that will be agovernment project.

He means to counsel Canadian experts on the length of maternity leave that ladies ought to get, which he says ought to begin right from the time a lady is pregnant.

Wajackoyah added that there will be intense punishments for culprits of Gender Based Violence, and exceptional police headquarters to deal with something very similar.

“Ladies are an off limits area.”

Pregnant ladies join the gathering that official applicants are thinking about as recipients of government support when they rise to control.

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