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Wamuratha asks for forgiveness after the viral National cake viral video

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Kiambu Female Representative candidate Anne Wamuratha has apologized to the public after her video of her throwing pieces of cake to the crowd spread online.

In the video, Muratha was seen throwing pieces of cake at a crowd at Ruiru Stadium.

Now Mururatha has expressed regret over the incident which she says happened last year.

here is the link to the video:

She asked her fans to forgive her and promised to do better in the near future.

She promises to create opportunities for the people of Kiambu and to serve them diligently as their female representative is elected to the position in the August elections.

“I would like to confirm that I was the one who was caught in the video circulating throwing pieces of cake at a group of people who had gathered at Ruiru Stadium for the event on November 7, 2021.

“I was responsible for the cake that day and I was wrong to control the crowd and share the cake properly,” he wrote.

“I am very sorry for this act and I ask people to forgive me. When I return I would distribute a different cake. I am a mother and wife determined to bake a great opportunity cake for the people of Kiambu and serve them. Hard as their female representative.

Again, I sincerely apologize and admit my mistake, this will never happen again. Sincerely, Anne Wamuratha, ”she wrote in a statement.

Prior to the cake incident, Mururatha had caused a stir after an interview with Inooro where she said many Kiambu citizens were “mentally retarded”.

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