Wapumbavu nyinyi: William Kabogo abuse some youths who tried to disrupt his speech

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance, led by Vice President William Ruto, set up camp in Kiambu County, voting for voters ahead of the August 9 general election.

During the incident on Sunday, April 11, the political wing passed through the Kiambaa, Kikuyu and Limuru constituencies in its election campaign in the constituency.

During their break in Kikuyu, Ruto invited former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo to address a large crowd that had flooded the area.

However, as he was giving his talk, some violent youths interrupted him. As the unrest escalated, the Tujibebe party leader lost his temper.

He angrily rebuked the rioters, calling them “wapumbavu” , which means “fools.”

Kabogo, who is aiming for Kiambu governorship, condemned the violence, stressing that the Kenya First team is a peaceful people.

“If you were sent here to cause trouble you know we are a people of peace, if you are the one who paid the youth to disrupt our meeting, go and die. Kenya is all ours,” Kabogo said.

Later in his speech, he emphasized that he had joined the Ruto team after weighing all the options and saw that this was the best chance of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in the presidential election.

“I am not a prophet or a witch but I saw Ruto win the election,” he added.

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