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Wasafi Media launches a comedy search.

Wasafi media has recently ventured into comedy industry with the motive of boosting the entertainment industry in Tanzania.

They started by organizing a comedy show called “Cheka tu’ which is a partnership with the biggest comedian in Tanzania, Coy Mzungu. The show has been bringing upcoming comedians on stage and also invited big comedians from Tanzania and across its borders so as to promote comedy in the country.

Now, the media house has introduced a comedy talent search. On the press conference, they said they are looking for comedians across the country. They will be travelling each region for search.

The top 3 winners will be rewarded huge sums plus a piece of land. Also the top 5 will be given the platform to perform at ‘cheka tu’ stage. The judges of the show will be Coy Mzungu, Baba Levo and Zambwela who are big comedians in Tanzania.

‘I am happy with the move, as apart from the rewards, the participants will be able to have the platform to promote there hustle and be able to support other people.’ Diamond Platnumz posted in his Instagram page.

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