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Ways to increase fuel efficiency in petrol and diesel cars.

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When buying a car, fuel efficiency is one of the top concerns for most buyers. With petrol and diesel prices on the rise, eking out a few more miles per liter is becoming a priority. Fuel consumption depends on various parameters, regardless of the type of car.

  1. Step gently on the accelerator
    When driving your car, use as little acceleration as possible because hard acceleration leads to high night speeds. The better your car is, the more fuel it can use. Therefore, to save fuel, you should accelerate the car properly and gently press the accelerator.
  2. Drive at a constant speed
    Driving at a constant speed is one of the easiest ways to improve your car’s fuel economy. By anticipating the flow of traffic, you can drive your car smoothly and avoid unnecessary stops and acceleration.
  3. Car service
    One of the most common mistakes that many car owners make is skipping a car service, especially in India. Maintaining your car and replacing its necessary parts is important for good fuel economy. Engine oil and air and oil filters should be changed regularly.
    When engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the car, it collects dirt. Therefore, not changing it regularly can put more stress on your car’s engine. Therefore, it is advisable to send your car to a car service at regular intervals.
  4. Maintain tire pressure
    Many car owners overlook the importance of maintaining tire pressure for good fuel economy. If your car has low tire pressure, the engine will run harder and need more fuel. It is therefore important to keep the car tires inflated to the recommended air pressure. Also, have the wheels aligned at regular intervals.
  5. Good quality oil
    Before adding fuel to your petrol or diesel car, be sure to check the quality of the fuel. Contaminated oil damages the engine, resulting in poor fuel economy. Therefore, it is recommended to refuel your car at a company-owned gas pump in your town before leaving for a long drive.
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