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“We are given zero respect!!” Willy Paul agitates .

Willy Paul is a Kenyan musician who has been doing very well in the music industry.

Willy Paul has gone on his social media pages claiming that they are cartels in the industry who need to be exposed. He explained of how the cartels act like they own the company and never appreciate the hard work of an artist.

Willy Paul has also giving a warning that if the cartels are not dealt with then the issue will be passed to next generations.

“We have bastards in offices hapa Kenya. The only day the Kenyan industry will change is the day hawa cartels wataanikwa. We are given zero respect. This people act like they own the companies. We work hard but just because nani ni fan wa nani hapendi nani, hapewi haki.” He posted.

He also encouraged fellow citizens to speak up and give names of the cartels .

“It’s time to give names, hakuna kuficha hapa. Wakenya wakae wakijua kampuni ziko na ‘ucartel'” Willy Paul added.

His fans have come out and agreed with Willy. Some asked Willy to mention the names. While others told of how Kenya has become corrupted , that when one speaks up is jailed.

check some of the reactions;

[photo courtesy; Facebook]

Are Willy’s accusation really true according to you? Drop your comments on the comment section . Thanks you..

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