We are ready to carry the burden: Sudi and Kositany dare DCI

Soy MP Caleb Kositany and his Kapseret colleague Oscar Sudi say they are now ready to carry the burden after being summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) for stoning a helicopter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, April 3, the two said they were ready to report to the DCI offices in Nakuru for a party.

They also denied that they had planned an attack on Raila Odinga, saying that their secession was politically motivated by their opponents.

“We are ready to carry that burden. We are here for justice. We preach all the time. We are heading to Nakuru to listen to this nonsense. This is utter nonsense. Whatever they want to do, we are ready for that.

“As politicians, we should refrain from hiring thugs to harass others even at funerals. This is not African. It targeted those associated with Vice President William Ruto,” Kositany said.

He added that before the incident he had an affair with the former prime minister who arrived at the scene while Mzee Kibor’s funeral was underway.

“I think what is going on in this country is very sad that there is a high level investigator (politician) who can investigate the incident for 10 minutes and have all the evidence, have names because he was involved 10 minutes after the incident. I did not know anything had happened.

“Raila arrived at 5:30 a.m. when we were burying Mzee. He came and addressed the media and we went inside the house, greeted him. I sat between Junet and Babu Owino”, he added.

Sudi, on the other hand, while accusing DCI of favoring Ruto-affiliated politicians, noted that he would report to DCI’s Nakuru headquarters on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

He listed incidents of attacks targeting the convoy of Vice President William Ruto, saying no politicians had been summoned or arrested.

He also claimed that there was no accident at the time of the stoning, but was nevertheless involved in the violence.

“I would say to the DCI who called us, I will be available at one o’clock in the evening. I am ready to be welcomed. You must know that this country belongs to 50 million Kenyans. The governor (Jackson Mandago) because he was there … I want to tell all Kenyans that all this is political. “I said I was late, at 11:20 am and I left early. There were a lot of young people, some of whom were drunk,” Sudi said.

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