We are ready to go to court- Ndichu brothers state.

The twin brothers Paul and Eddie Ndichu have denounced allegations of outlawing an out-of-court settlement by Cheryl and Stephanie Murgor over allegations of assault.

The brothers allegedly attacked the sisters at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi in October. They are also alleged to have damaged the vehicle during the incident.

Ndichu brothers

The twins, however, reiterated that they would like the case to be taken to court after consultation with their representatives.

They also believe the sisters should be charged with the offense of injuring another woman during the incident.

According to lawyer Ndichus Edwin Sifuna, the twins will not recover and welcome the idea of ​​the case to be taken to court.

“We are ready to go to court. Nothing to discuss. I mean these are the same women who say what happened is violence against women but they were seen attacking a woman that’s why they are also arrested and charged with beating a woman Sifuna told the Nation newspaper.

Sifuna went on to say that he had never written a letter of settlement and sent it to Murgor’s sister on behalf of the twins, unlike some media outlets.

“I am Ndichu’s lawyer. Where have you seen me write, or even write, a letter demanding a peaceful solution? If they can show you a letter from me, then let them show it to you. There is not a single day that we have sought to resolve this issue peacefully. We are ready to face them in court, “said Sifuna.

“If they want to fix anything, let them come and get me. What you see is the provocation of these people wanting to extort money. But what we are saying is we are ready to address the issue as soon as the DPP is ready.

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