We are united: ODM affirms after Babu Owino decried of betrayal

The Orange Vote based Development [ODM] party has demanded that they stay joined together.

In an explanation on Friday, the party said that they are major areas of strength for likewise engaged.

“We are joined, areas of strength for together engaged,” ODM said.

This comes a day after Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Narok Representative Ledama Olekina blamed the party for disloyalty.

Babu got down on the ODM party for what he named as “treachery” and “extortion”.

He said various young people in the party have been magnanimously supporting it however have not been properly compensated.

“ODM Party, so many youth and myself forfeited a great deal and involved our assets in the party throughout the long term, our compensation is double-crossing and shakedown. It is alright. Tomorrow is one more day,” he tweeted on Thursday.

A file image of ODM party leader Raila Odinga

Adding to the official’s comments, Narok Congressperson Ledama Olekina lamented that authority distribution had gone to new individuals, disregarding the privileged few.

He approached long haul individuals to battle for the positions.

“It’s no time like the present we request what is our own. Enough of continuously being kept in arms’ manner while others chill in their dens and are compensated with the vast majority of party positions,” he said.

Their comments come after the party chief Raila Odinga assembled a Parliamentary Gathering conference, to get an answer for the uneasiness.

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