We demand an apology; Netizens angered by Kameme Tv post

Kameme is one of the leading media outlets in Kenya. It dominates mainly in the Kikuyu community due to its frequent use of language in many of its programs. Media house continues to engage with its fans through social media to keep fans alive.

However, their post today went blank with many fans expressing their displeasure. Kameme wrote a short post on their social media wall and attached a picture of liquor bottles next to the post.

“The easiest way to attract someone from Murang’a”, translates their message.

Kenyans claimed Kameme’s message was demeaning and disrespectful to the people of Murang’a County. Some Kenyans also demanded that Kameme should apologize for their message. Kenyans have said that Murang’a has a large non-alcoholic population. Basically, the people were not satisfied with that position.

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