West Pokot Bodaboda drivers protest over unpaid dues after escorting DP Ruto

Hundreds of bodaboda drivers in West Pokot County staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday in protest of alleged non-payment for accompanying Vice President William Ruto during his visit to the county.

Ruto visited the county last week Friday Friday 21, 2022 for his fiery campaigns.

The runners expressed their frustration with the leaders and candidates of the United Democratic Alliance [UDA].

They marched in the town of Chepareria carrying branches and signs and threatened to go to court to find a solution. Now they want the DP to intervene in the case or risk losing county votes.

Led by West Pokot Bodaboda Drivers Moses Loitasiwa, the operators claim they know DP Ruto gave the money but have not been paid.

Loitasiwa claimed that a total of Ksh 4 million was allocated to the four constituencies, one million for each constituency, but those in South Pokot did not receive the money.

“We welcomed the DP to every meeting he held in the four constituencies. We, the Chepareria bodaboda operators, do not want to be harassed by politicians. We want the DP to tell these money lovers to give us our money,” Loitasiwa said.

Chepareria Bodaboda Vice President Dennis Ripis explained that they had many expectations that DP Ruto did not fulfill.

However, UDA youth leader in the county, Rajab Chombus, denied the allegations, saying the group was being used by South Pokot MP David Pkosing, who is part of the Declaration coalition.

“No one gave them the responsibility to accompany the DP during his flight and they did not use a car that could be escorted. No one ate his money. They are playing politics,” he claimed.

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