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What are cruise rubber ducks all about?

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There are many things you’d expect from a cruise, but there are also less obvious aspects, such as unexpected rubber ducks. Not just one in your bathroom, but many hidden in the ship. What are these traveling ducks?

Rubber ducks are not abandoned toys or part of children’s activities. They are intentionally set by passengers for others to find on all types of cruises, not just the best family cruises or themed cruises. The ducks are like the code words of a ship, but in a cute, plastic way.

What is the history of duck browsing?

Some say sea ducks got their rogue life back in 2018, when 10-year-old Abby Davis and her father went on a Carnival cruise and thought it would be a good idea to bring 50 ducks with them to hang out. hide from other passengers search. It turns out they were absolutely right. Now, people all over the world bring rubber ducks to hide on their cruise vacations.

Abby and her father created the Cruising Ducks Facebook group to track ducks found by passengers. Most ducks will have a home tag attached to them, with instructions on how to post your contact information to that Facebook group and information about who last hid it. Sometimes the tag will also include contact information, so you can contact the original duck finder, if you wish.

Why do people hide rubber ducks on cruises?

Because it’s funny! Like a game of hide and seek on a ship. No one knows how many ducks are scattered on any cruise ship, but judging by the Facebook page, some people may carry entire suitcases full of ducks to hide. So there can be thousands on a given boat.

Some ducks are your standard yellow rubber ducks, but many people have gotten creative with smaller ducks or larger ducks that they happily attract. Any rubber duck you want to hide is fair game, so go ahead and add it to your packing list. The cruise lines themselves have nothing to do with this tradition, so you’ll have to bring your own on board if you want the fun to continue.

What to do if you find a traveling duck?

For starters, you should celebrate! Then choose from these two options: put it or go online to save your duck, then put it back in a new hiding place for the duck to swim.

If you choose to hide the duck again, join the Cruising Ducks Facebook group, post a photo of yourself with your treasure, and explain where you found it. Then update the label and hide it again for the lucky passenger to meet. You can hide it on the current trip or set it to hide on a future trip. It’s totally up to you.

What? What should you know about hiding traveling ducks?

You can hide cruise ducks on any cruise line, from Disney to Royal Caribbean to Carnival and more, from the largest to the smallest cruise ships. Cruise ducks can be hidden anywhere except in the cruise store (because you don’t want to steal a duck without knowing it, thinking it’s a cruise duck) or in one of the pools or hot tubs, for safety reasons.

Leave the previous tag on the duck so everyone can see how far Mr. Quacky has traveled. Then, when you return to your room, put a new label on top with your information. This can include as little as the date and name of your trip, or more information such as your name, email address and anything else you might want the duck finder to know. But most importantly, don’t forget that it’s about having fun!

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