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What does plus[+] in LGBTQ+ stands for?

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The LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY is now stronger than ever.

LGBTQ+ is meant to describe “a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity,” according to New York City’s LGBTQ+ Community Center.

What is the best thing about being LGBTQ+?
The original acronym LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

The + in LGBTQ+ represents all other members associated with the LGBTTTQQIAA community.


  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Transsexxual
  • 2/Two-Spirit
  • Queer
  • Questioning
  • Intersex
  • Asexual
  • Ally
  • includes sex:

Gender Queer
Great sex
Gender variant

What does sexuality mean in the LGBTQ+ community?
The LGBTQ+ community is filled with people who identify as heterosexual as opposed to heterosexual.

According to the organization OK2BME, the definition of heterosexuality is:

Lesbian – a homosexual woman who has sexual attractions or feelings for other women
Gay – a gay male who has sexual attractions or feelings for other men
Bisexual – A person who has sexual attractions or feelings for both men and women
Transgender – A person whose gender identity assigned at birth does not match the gender they are associated with
Transsexual – A person whose gender identity does not match or is not culturally related to the gender they were assigned at birth.
Two Spirit – A term used by some Native Americans to describe transgender people in their communities.
Queer – Those who do not identify as heterosexual or cisgender
Questioning – People who question their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or all three
Intersex – A difference in sexual characteristics that include chromosomes, gonads, or genitalia that do not allow a person to identify as female or male.
Asexual – A person who has no sexual attraction or little interest in sexual activities
Partner – A person who considers himself to be a friend of society
Pansexual – Also known as bisexuality is when a person is attracted to people of any gender or gender identity.
Agender- Also known as asexual, are those who do not identify with any gender
Gender Queer – A term for identities that are not exclusively male or female
Gender – A term for a person who moves between female and male self-identification and characteristics.
Gender variant – Also known as gender nonconforming, this is when a person exhibits behavior that does not conform to feminine or masculine norms.
Pangender – Those who feel they identify with all genders

In how many states is same-sex marriage legal?
In 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

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