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What Pastor Ezekiel Odero told police after being arrested

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Details of what Pastor Ezekiel Odero told the police who slandered him for much of Thursday can now be revealed.

Pastor Odero was arrested on Thursday morning and interrogated by detectives from the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) at the Mombasa County Coastal Police Headquarters.

Investigating officers are trying to find out why members of his New Life International Church in Kilifi County are dying in large numbers.

In his statement, pastor Odero allegedly told the investigating officers that the people who died in his church were taken there when they were very sick.

A detective familiar with the ongoing investigation who spoke confidentially to Nairobi News said the priest was also questioned as to why he did not report the deaths to the police before taking the bodies to the mortuary.

The pastor said he did not know that was the procedure.

On Tuesday, Reverend Odero was called by the Kilifi police where he was interrogated for hours on allegations that he was also involved in witchcraft.

He denied the allegations in front of Kilifi detectives who told him they would call him again if needed.

Pastor Odero was angered after detectives questioned the management at Eternal Funeral Home in Mavueni, near the church associated with the man of God.

The priest’s lawyer, Mr Jared Magolo, also failed to inform the media if there is a relationship between Pastor Odero and sect leader Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International church.

“I don’t know,” said the lawyer.

Mr Mackenzie was arrested in mid-March after it was discovered that he was leading a team that buried his followers in shallow graves.

It is after the death of the disciples by following his teachings that if a person fasts to death, he is sure to meet Jesus immediately after his death.

By Thursday evening, more than 100 bodies had been exhumed from deep graves in Shakahola village in Malindi, Kilifi County.

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