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What the Kenyan law state about filming at the airport.

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For the recent issues video singer Miss Trudy had at the Moi International Airport after she was stopped from recording her content and eventually arrested.

The police in Miss Trudy’s case had the legal right to arrest the videographer and her crew for filming without a warrant by writing to the airport manager.

What the law states

The Kenya Aviation Safety Regulations 2020 59(1-c) states that a person who engages in the use of a portable electronic device shall be liable, if found guilty, to a fine not exceeding Sh 500,000 or imprisonment not exceeding six months. , or both.

The regulations also state that a person who commits an offense if he refuses to carry out a valid order issued by the airport operator, on behalf of the Authority, aims to maintain order and discipline in the airport.

Other places that are designated as government protected areas are: The Kenya Petroleum Refineries,Military Rader Stations

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