What will happen to late Magufuli’s social media accounts??: Liiiit online debate going on.

The late President Magufuli died a few days ago and has already been laid to rest. Since that day, the late Magufuli’s social media pages has been running and updating the world on the developing stories in Tanzania, the government and his burial arrangements. After his burial, there has been a debate online about what should be done to these accounts.

Some of the reactions :

: I an a Kenyan , I like this page , through this , I was able to follow about the late. We will wish to know how the family left behind will be doing. Especially mama Janet who was greatly affected. Please continue with the page. T he late was a good leader to common man and we will wish to follow up after his departure on what will happen, good work,” Isaac Lusweti.

“I thought the account will be no more after his burial?” Vinny Omondi Okello.

” Please handover this page too to the family of late HON. Pombe Magufuli,” Ododah.

“We will miss you and remember you as our superhero umetuonyesha kwamba kweli Tanzania sio nchi maskini .” Pst. Obby.

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