When I die, should be in a glass casket so everyone could see me – Chameleon plans his burial.

Ugandan star Jose Chameleone has given clear instructions on how he will be buried when death overtakes him.

Chameleone is not afraid of the evil harvester, on the contrary, he would like to enjoy his death.

During an interview with NBS After 5, Chameleone said his manager knows what cult he would like for his last minutes on earth.

He called on all funeral directors who wish to handle his funeral to contact so that they can discuss opportunities to earn his income.

The star had a Ugandan media house watching him. They walk with him to the Ntinda car wash where he was cleaning his Range Rover.

Then, with the team, Jose Chameloene sat down with his fans at one of the famous restaurants before concluding his interview at the NBS offices.


The star has returned from Kinshasa in the DRC where he worked in partnership with Koffi Olomidé.

Chameleone said fans and the media should play his music while he is still alive, and not wait until he dies before they start playing his rotating music.

Recalling the late Mowzey Radio who passed away 4 years ago, Chameleone said: “I was the first fan of Mowzey Radio because I saw his talent and then showed it to you. It’s not fair to remember someone gone, you have to celebrate them alive.”

Continuing with her funeral plans, Chameleone said, “I want to have a glass casket so everyone can see me because so many people will attend my funeral from so many countries.”

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