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Where is the statement? Safaricom silent on Maxine Wahome case

Safaricom statement is too late by many hours.

Block new girl Maxine Wahome became the first African woman to win the WRC3 class at the WRC Safari Rally Kenya in 2022.

The 26-year-old was primarily sponsored by Safaricom Plc.

Maxine Wahome was recently released from jail with a bail of Ksh 100,000 after being involved in violence with her boyfriend Asad Khan leaving him in a critical condition.

Maxine has opened a dark book that seemed to have been slowly closing.

Safaricom has been known as a big brand that has guarded its image properly but in the past few months it has failed. Excepting Maxine’s case, recently Safaricom was on the spot over failure to pay insurance of over 7.7M.


Back to Maxine story and Safaricom silence, Mr Khan is still in ICU as the assaulter is still enjoying ties with Safaricom.

This has brought so many concerns from Kenyans comparing Shaffie Weru Case and this of Maxine Wahome.

Shaffie Weru Case

In March 2021, radio presenters Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville were fired from Homeboyz Radio for asking an inappropriate question.

The three questioned whether the women were responsible for the attack in the previous incident.

They were discussing a court case in which a man was accused of pushing a woman he met on Facebook out of a 12th floor window on their first date.

Shaffie Weru later explained that it was the pressure from the sponsors of the show and the radio and the attacks that the companies were receiving from social media that drove them away.

The pressure came mainly from Jane Karuku of EABL.

The sacking of Shaffie Weru and the other two was very quick.

The Big Question.

It will not be shocking if we also learn that Safaricom paid Maxine Wahome’s cash bail of Sh100,000.

Why is Safaricom silent on Maxine Wahome Case? Is such a big company supporting violence? Will Maxine Wahome still continue representing the brand Safaricom even after the crime?

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