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Why former US President Barack Obama is trending.

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A viral video of man claiming to have had sex with Obama is going viral.

Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has shared a video of his upcoming interview with fraudster Larry Sinclair, who claimed to have seen former US President Barack Obama smoke crack before having sex with him in 1999, when he was a state senator.

Larry Sinclair made similar claims years ago, in 2008, but they were widely denied by the American media under the name of Barack Obama.

Larry Sinclair said he met Barack Obama outside a Chicago bar in November 1999, but didn’t know he was a state senator.

In the video, he can be heard saying: “I had given Barack 250 dollars to pay for cocaine, I start putting a line in the CD tray to snort and the next thing I know he has a little pipe and I let him smoke. So I just started running my hand up and down her thighs to see where she was going, and she went the way I planned.”

“I didn’t know who he was. It certainly wasn’t Barack’s first time,” Larry Sinclair is heard saying.

He made similar comments in 2008, when Barack Obama was on his way to victory in the presidential election. Larry Sinclair had claimed that Barack Obama used drugs and also had an affair with a choir director who was later killed.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson claimed that the media did not report the allegations for fear of losing contact with the senior political official. “Nobody reported it, not because they were hesitant about sex or drugs, but because the Obama campaign said that anyone who reported it couldn’t find the Obama campaign,” he said, adding, “So they didn’t talk about it. It’s.

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