Why I shaved my locs – Marshall Muthoni speaks out

Freedom fighter Field Marshal Muthoni Wa Kirima, 92, has explained why she allowed Mama Ngina Kenyatta, to shave her dreadlocks.

After wearing dreadlocks for more than 70 years as evidence of the liberation struggle, Muthoni cut them off on Saturday, April 2nd.

Mama Ngina led the ceremony, with the couple remembering their youthful life, their friendship and their struggle for independence.

Justifying the decision to shave her six-legged hair, Muthoni spoke out against reports that Mama Ngina had forced her to shave. The freedom fighter answered those questions on Monday, April 4, two days after the ceremony.

Muthoni hinted that she had decided to shave her head to signal that Kenya had gained full independence.

She also chose to honor the mother of the Kenyatta family haircut, of her own free will.

“I had to cut it because the trip was long. I started taking care of this hair in 1952 and after more than 70 years I needed to relax and enjoy shaving. I feel like a little girl now,” Kirima said.

She added: “No one can shave me off without my consent. If they tried to do that, I would hit them hard with kicks and slaps.

The decision to put on dreadlocks meant a lot of tolerance he endured under strict colonial rule.

“Dreadlocks were the hair style associated with the Mau Mau when they fought in the jungle as they did not have time to comb properly which caused them to lock themselves in,” Muthoni said.

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