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Why Iranians are opposing America.

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A recent poll by an American polling firm found that America’s standing in the Muslim world has sunk to a new low, with Iranians emerging among other Muslim nations as the most distrustful of it.

The Gallup polling company released its results on April 7 on the eve of the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq 20 years ago, which Washington justified on democratic grounds. While the United States has long presented itself as a defender of democracy, especially in war-torn Iraq, Iraqis and residents of 12 other Muslim-majority countries do not take the United States seriously in encouraging the development of democracy in the region, nor do they allow it. people to shape their political future as they see fit, according to a Gallup poll.

The opinion poll, held in 2022 in 13 Muslim countries, highlights how Muslims in those countries see America’s promises in democracy, self-governance and improving the economy. The majority of respondents doubted the US commitments to all three categories.

And in all categories, Iranians come out on top in terms of mistrust of the United States. Only 9% of people surveyed in Iran said they believe the US’s commitment to democracy, while 81% said the US is not serious about democracy.

Reasons for opposition

Iranians’ view of America’s commitment to self-governance is similar to that of democracy, with 80 percent of Iranians saying the United States will not allow them to shape their political future.

Finally, 82% of Iranian respondents said that the United States was not serious about improving their economic situation.

The results of the Gallup poll are completely different from what the US has adopted against Iran. The American media has long portrayed Iranians as having pro-Western values and opinions. Furthermore, they have spread allegations of division between the government and society in Iran.

This was on full display during the months-long wave of protests that swept Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini. The United States and its allies have come to the point of publicly advocating regime change in Iran because of the alleged crackdown on protesters.

But a Gallup poll showed otherwise. He confirmed that the people of Iran are strongly opposed to US policy, just like their counterparts in other Islamic countries. Finally, the United States has not treated the Muslim world fairly.

Experts believe that Iranians of various classes may not be happy with their economic situation, but they are aware that their problems are caused more by the US sanctions that have caused great damage to the lives of Iranians.

And the reputation of the United States among other Islamic countries is not to be envied. More than one in four citizens surveyed in 2022 agreed with the statement that the United States has a strong desire to encourage the establishment of democratic systems in their region, according to Gallup. In Afghanistan, the country invaded two years before Iraq for different reasons but while promoting democracy was also the main goal mentioned by the US, 14% agreed that the US was serious about it.

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