Why is Ruto complaining about fuel yet wheelbarrow hazitumii fuel: Babu’s message to Ruto angers kenyans.

Member of Parliament for Vocal Embakasi East Hon. Babu Owino got into trouble with Kenyans after he attacked Vice President William Ruto over his concerns over the oil crisis facing Kenyans at the moment.

Through his social media page, Babu Owino dismissed the second army commander after the leader held a press conference on behalf of Kenyans suffering from the oil crisis. Ruto questioned the Treasury about the money intended to provide fuel subsidies.

Responding to this, Babu insulted William Ruto by saying that he should not worry about fuel as carts do not use fuel. Instead, he told her to focus on the water to clean the carts.

“Why is Ruto complaining about fuel yet wheelbarrow hazitumii fuel? Ama ni vipindi tu. Mambo ya fuel achia wegne wewe ongea juu ya maji ya kuosha wheelbarrow. “Babu posted.

However, the situation did not turn well with Kenyans who insulted Babu by saying that Kenyans were suffering and should not joke about it.

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