Why Kibaki’s Grave Was Not Cemented But Covered With Soil

For 90 years, Kibaki was Kenya’s most powerful patriot. He was brought up in a very humble state who did not know that one day he would stand up and be the third President of the Republic of Kenya.

His academic excellence enabled him to make great strides that led to his becoming a lecturer, then a deputy, then a minister, a vice president, and finally a president.

However, with old age, one thing was sure to hit, its damage. After his death, the late President Stanley Emilio Mwai Kibaki asked to be returned to his village for burial.

Just like his wife, Mama Lucy Kibaki, the former head of state wanted his grave to be covered with a pile of dirt and the plaster disappeared. This is according to family spokesman Daniel Wahome. He added that it is an African tradition and moreover a Catholic religious tradition.

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