Why #lowerfoodprices is trending in Kenya

Some internet users have used the internet to express their dismay at rising food prices in the country in recent years.

In what appears to be an online protest, social media users are using cheap #prices to present their grievances which have made the country life unbearable even as we head towards elections especially for low-income citizens.

According to users of social networks, prices for almost all products have risen sharply. Some of the most expensive foods currently in the country are sugar, cooking oil, corn and wheat flour, meat, cooking gas and bread.

A social media user said that in the days when 1 kg of sugar cost ksh 80 now ksh 280, 2 kg of maize flour from ksh 40 to 140, 13 kg of gas cost ksh 800 now ksh is gone. 2,800 and 5 liters of cooking oil which is currently ksh 1,380 compared to ksh 450 five years ago.

Netizens hope the government will address their concerns about reducing food prices.

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