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Mr. Seed explained why ‘black child’ album costed 5M.

Gospel singer Mr Seed has revealed that his recently released album, Black Child, cost him 5 million shillings to assemble.

Explaining the cost of the album in a recent interview with the Good News Broadcasting System (GBS TV), the blessing leader Bless Me explained that he transported music producers and took his staff on a trip out of town to consider various projects.


“It wasn’t less than 5 million shillings. Because you know I started making this album last year and also this album has made a lot of trips out of Nairobi. Just to hang out with it. ‘Team and even spend a week there. We spend, we work, we think… you know “All these things. So if you put the whole process of making an album in place, work with different producers, make a video. In fact, there are just a lot of things that have happened,” he said.

The album, launched on September 12, 2021, received huge fan support, earning more than 200,000 streams in just one week. Celebrating the event through his social media, the father of one thanked God for giving him strength and giving him songs and comments that help spread his gospel.

“200,000 rivers in one week !!! It’s just a dream; When my “friends” said I was finished, dead and buried musically, GOD saw the new Seed of the Lord. He gave me new songs, new comments, new fans who supported me without expecting any payment. Thank you very much. May my journey be a testament to anyone trying to succeed in the field of expertise, ”he wrote.

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