Ben Pol reveals why his marriage did not work out.

Ben Pol had been married to Anerlisa Muigai for a few months.

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol says it was God’s whole plan for his marriage to Keroche’s successor to end.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Ben had filed for divorce.

Speaking to Wasafi Media about the reasons for his marriage breakdown, he said;

“There is a higher power that made everything happen the way it did. Maybe I used a lot of power to do something, but if God didn’t intend to do it, that wouldn’t work. God had His plan.”

Right now, Ben Pol is at peace with everything.

“I have peace. It is impossible to be happy all the time and sadness is also very important, you must feel it. When I am sad, I want to feel those feelings so that I do not feel later,” he said. share.

He said he wanted to have a family and always thought of having a family photo.

“If you are married, then you must have thought about wanting children”

In addition, Ben Pol refused to claim that his marriage ended because they had no children.

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