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Why this president with his wife were sentenced to death.[Fun facts/History]

An unbelievable event occurred in Romania , when a special military tribunal former Romania president Nicolae Ceau Tresescu and his wife Nicole and Elena Ceau Tresescu.

This is when there was a bloody battle that led to the remarkable collapse of one of Europe’s most repressive communist regimes.

Ceausescu was executed on Christmas day along with his wife Elena and more than 1,000 people died in the crackdown on protesters before and after the president’s death.

why then were they executed??

For 24 years they ruled Romania almost in tandem, simultaneously espousing hardline communist rhetoric while living lives of opulence as the Romanian population suffered the hardships and privations that were a common feature of life in the communist nations of eastern Europe. But in 1989 things had been changing. Throughout that astonishing year the people of those nations threw off soviet hegemony.

Both the president and the first lady were charged, and both were found guilty and sentenced to death. The death penalty was imposed upon them when found guilty of killing a big number of their country’s population, which is believed to be “over 60,000 civilians” during the Timi Timoara revolt.

The couple had been each offered a defense lawyer but had refused.

The Ceausescu’s last wish was to die together, the officer said. However the Ceausescu’s had rejected charges of causing the “genocide” of more than 60,000 people

The two couple in Romania by then were also accused of hiding more than $1 billion in foreign banks and ruining the national economy and the country’s heritage.

During the execution via a video footage, it wasn’t until paratroopers assigned to carry out the execution arrived that the couple finally grasped what was about to happen.

Nicolae Ceausescu shouted,: I have the right to do what I want!”

Elena his wife struggled and cursed at the soldiers. She shouted,” Don’t tie us up!” and ” Don’t offend us!”

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