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Why Women Rep Esther Passaris is trending.

Nairobi County Representative Esther Passaris surprised everyone, especially the supporters of Azimio.

This is after she defended the words of Vice President Rigathi Gachagua against those who oppose the complex financial bill, saying it was quoted

out of context.

Esther Passaris

Passaris defends Gachagua

Speaking in an interview, Passaris who is an ally of Raila Odinga, said Gachagua did not mean that the opposition MPs will not get public money to develop infrastructure.

“I haven’t heard him say specifically that if you don’t support this financial bill, you won’t get any help in terms of infrastructure. We all know that the government has enough laws and structures to guide the distribution of resources,” she said. Passaris explained.

She added that the Constitution guides the distribution of public resources such as equalization funds, decentralized funds and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) of the country.

“Some counties (deputies from regions) may not pass the finance bill, but that does not prevent them from getting funds from the central government. Deputies will still receive money from the CDF, as stipulated in the Constitution,” she said.

Passaris supports the Housing Bill

The ODM politician also emphasized the need to support Ruto’s financial bill as it will help clean the streets of slums in Nairobi and other cities.

“Even as a Resolution, in our manifesto we highlighted the need to improve and provide better housing. Despite the cry of many people, without pain there is no benefit. We need to eliminate slums in Nairobi,” she explained.

She also said that slums are linked to crime, overcrowding and illegal electricity connections, which can be controlled by providing affordable and quality housing.

“I prefer more money to be channeled into the housing project because I hate to see people living in slums,” she noted.

Along with that, Passaris also confirmed her support for the Housing Fund against her party’s policies and asked other leaders to give the government the benefit of the doubt in implementing the project.

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