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Why you need a Side Hustle

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Job insecurity is just one reason side hustle is a good idea in 2023. But here’s a list of other reasons.

Do things quickly

There is always wonder and doubt when a woman reaches her financial milestones faster than expected. You know, when he pays off his student loans, he buys a nice car or God forbid, a house. People will look over his shoulder at the dirty, rich, old godfather.

Lateral movements will do it for you. This will enable you to pay off debt, put down roots, and build wealth faster than expected.

someone else will

So you have the perfect business idea you’d like to start along with your career. It keeps you up at night. It’s what you think about when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the bank.

But you can’t. You tell yourself you don’t have enough time and yet you spend two hours a day on Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories to get the gossip. If you stay late, someone else will take time out of their day, implement the idea, and you’ll be the woman who tells people, “I thought of that idea first.”

Wages are not increasing

If you are one of the few people whose jobs are still secure, the sad truth is that wages are not going up. Not to the extent that the cost of milk and flour is increasing.

So you will be stuck in a job doing the same thing every day and hoping the income will be different. Well, they won’t. Before you get to the point where you start to get stuck or your passion for your work turns to hate, start a fight.

You can make it your passion

Few people can do the jobs they dreamed of as children or the ones they studied in college. We have business graduates who drive Ubers and music graduates who sell insurance. Things are serious.

The result is people waking up every morning doing jobs they hate, then heading to bars and restaurants at night to complain about their displeasure. A side hustle is an opportunity to pursue what makes you happy on the side. For creatives stuck between the 9 and 5, a side hustle is a way to channel those creative channels.

It’s yours

What happens if you lose your job? Feelings of betrayal, anger and sadness. A side business allows you to invest your time and energy in something that belongs to you. Something that no one can take away from you. Something you can connect your identity to without fear of heartache.

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